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Few BP points up August 22, 2009

Filed under: frustration,health,life,Personal — eujzin @ 1:27 pm

I had my BP checked last thurs and was shocked at how high the reading was…granted i just came from the dentist but an average reading of 150/90 (measured 5 times!) is a bit scary. (my first reading was 180/98!!!)

I remembered before coming back to Singapore and start working, my BP was actually good (avg 115/70). Looking back, I see the changes from then and now are: age, singapore, work, family.

Singapore has become more and more stressful and high pressure like a pressure cooker. Waiting to erupt and explode anytime. The island’s gettiiiing super crowded, traffic jams and more frequent and long, people are rude and seflish, queues are everywhere and getting longer. That is probably why a car is useful to get away from the crowds by going off the beaten path (i rather deal with the road traffic than the crowds at the bus stops/busses/mrts and then the queues at eating places and crowds at certain shopping centres)

But that’s not the point of this post. Main point is back at home, WHY take it on me??? I AM NOT NOT the ONLY ONE who leaves the dishes at the sink. I do not deny leaving my dishes at the sink, When i do, i do not mean it for someone to wash it. It just means that at THAT POINT of TIME, I have not much time and WILL WASH them LATER. Sometimes, I even help wash other dishes that ARE NOT MINE. SO if anyone happens to have a bad day at work and see unwashed dishes at the sink it doesn’t mean that I AM YOUR TARGET BOARD (and give everyone else the opportunity to also find someone to blame for your bad day!).

I will from NOW ON LEAVE my unwashed stuff in my room and NOT IN THE SINK lest I give the impression that i want someone else to wash it for me.  GOSH, I really do not want to have clinical hypertension PLEASE. DO I look damn chill at work to you?? Not saying that I shld be immuned from domestic problems but if the home is not a sanctuary after a long and stressful day at work, what is?? Sure, I can be approached to be talked to, but I feel timing is important. Definitely NOT ONCE ONE steps into the house. NOT UNLESS it is a matter of life and death! I really dislike it when one has just stepped in and immediately you get bombarded with requests, phone calls, demands, etc. WOAH, I have not even put down my office bag please! Office like that already stressful but thatz work. Really hope it does not happen at home. Can really feel and hear my heartbeat go off when it does.


One Response to “Few BP points up”

  1. yuka Says:

    I can totally understand your situation, because i usually get bombarded with demands when i reach home after a very long tiring day at school. It’s really frustrating at times and these are the times i wished i was living on my own. It may reflect a certain degree of naivety there, but at that point of time the last thing you would want to hear is to be ordered around at home.

    Hang in there, pal and don’t let your frustrations take over you and your BP.

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