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Alien Nation February 4, 2010

Filed under: frustration,life,Personal,Work — eujzin @ 7:13 pm

I’ve been getting comments that I am a very busy person and “very hard to get you leh”

I mean, can I not be uncontactable (for a short while)? Can I not be busy at work? Is that a crime?

It’s not as if I LIKE to NOT reply my personal emails or phone calls or sms BUT I AM REALLY BUSY.

I know I don’t earn big bucks nor run a BIG organisation. BUT that doesn’t disqualify me the right to be called busy no?

I remember I used to pride myself for replying my emails real fast and clearing them within a day. But that’s eons ago…back in the days when I still wear berms and tees everyday to uni.


AS much as i like to stop working, I can’t. That’s life, we have to work. We do need $$ to pay bills, loans, food, etc

Why can’t people be more understanding?


One Response to “Alien Nation”

  1. Eu-Jzin Says:

    tks yellow! i am becoming more and more like a grumpy ah pek! not cool. “God grant me the courage to change things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can’t…and the wisdom to know the difference!”

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