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OH GAWD January 4, 2011

Filed under: frustration,life,Personal — eujzin @ 10:28 am

New year, new rants?

I dun want!!!

but how?? it’s REALLY REALLY hard.

Early morning dun say anything negative or NAG CAN DIE ISSSIT?????!!!!!!!

I was talking to Nat ytd and he mentioned he and his boss respected each other’s time for the first hr when they stepped into the office. Why can’t people get this? I mean, fine, it’s okay if there’s something urgent and u approach the person to ask but almost EVERY morning??? it’s no wonder pple get high stress->hypertension->stroke/cardiac arrests

and nowdays itz SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo blooody baaaaaaaaaaad that almost everything sounds like a bloody NAG. it’s like HELLO, do u not trust your own son/bf/long time employee/ol or best fren/watever the close  relation

I think i shld just ‘elope’ to another country and not come back. no man’s an island? I’m beginning to suspect the phrase is invented by people who need to nag

ok, new year, new beginnings. I want things to improve.

God grant me the COURAGE to CHANGE the things i can. the SERENITY to ACCEPT the things I can’t. and the WISDOM to know the difference


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