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Wat a day March 11, 2011

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I decided to use back a free WordPress blog than a self-hosted becoz it’s simply much easier to use and less hassle.
Plus I could easily use the WordPress app for android to post.

I am using it now also becoz wat I wanna describe exceeds the word limit for Facebook

Till now ( it’s lunchtime) it’s been an eventful day.

The car felt ‘violated’ coz it was not the way i left it last night. Sure it was at the same parking spot but some things INSIDE the car werewolf not where i left them. My sunnies moved. A/C was left on ( I usually switch it off). I was totally weird out

Then I was caught in a jam. And the school decided to have breakfast which delayed my talk further. By the time the kids were done, It was 1030. 30 mins delay! Left 30 mins to cover the talk! I thot, OK, I can do this but I din expect so many students ask so many questions! And there were some kids that were harder to handle.by the time I was done, I was 15 mins over and exhausted.  It didn’t help that I my throat hurt.

After 2 talks, I had abt 1 and half hrs before the next talk so I it wasn’t logical to go back office. So I quickly tried to find some lunch kakis.  Unfortunately it was either too late, not free or no reply. So I decided to eat @ HPB. BUT luck would have it tt cafe is not fully operational. So OK, nvm there’s always 7-11…BUT of all days…today NO FOOD!!???

What gives?? So decided to go out and eat. (SGH’s too crowded and the next nearest cafe sells rice soaked in chilli oil IMO)
But I couldn’t decide where to eat w/o incurring ERP and parking charges so pondered for ten mins. Finally when I decided,  I drove out of carpark only to get stucked at the gantry coz not enuff $$ in cashcard!? SUAY OR WAT

Haiz…thankfully I managed to find a nice place w free parking nearby. Thank God for Hotel Re!!

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