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Hoping for a better week ahead! March 26, 2011

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It’s been a crazy stressful week. What’s new right?

sigh, I really wish I blog less of these kind of posts. and sigh less…

It was end of financial year so things got really busy coz I have to ensure my past billings are in order so i had to check thru the past year to make sure all talks are billed. however things are not so straight forward as there would be many constant disruptions coming my way.

Also TPM. the yearly chore one has to go through. Not that it’s bad per se. it’s just wrong timing for me, with the financial year coming to an end. So yesterday, I managed to finish checking (and billing). I was really exhausted so I din get down to doing my TPM.

This morning I woke up…first thing on my mind was TPM. Followed by the talk I have to give later. And my RT and the things I have to do for the wedding.

My sat will be pretty much packed. Sun as well, for the wedding. Thank God I dun mind RT, and the wedding stuff. It’s my one of my best friend’s wedding. So am happy. =)

But I dread doing the TPM in my free time. bleah. gtg…


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