I Eat, Therefore I Am

Food, food, glorious food! and Nutrition

April 15, 2011

Filed under: frustration,life,Personal — eujzin @ 1:20 am

Feeling pretty defeated. Just when things are going well…BAM! life hits u. again.

I hate myself for ranting. Why can’t I just suck it up and “Be a Man”

coz I proli implode…

I dun like to keep score. I like to think that I do good things without expecting return. If I expect something, I think it shouldn’t be called a GOOD thing.

I also hate to justify myself esp to closed ones. Should my love ones TRUST me enuff??

SO while I am relishing the fact that I have more time (so I can do something nice), I get a …

I am actually planning for something nice, this weekend and for the near future. only to be marred by, I guess, I can blame Satan for his efforts to dampen my spirits and probably my sleep as well. Me, PLANNING, AHEAD.

thought it’s a good thing. unfortunately, it turned out to be not.

it’s tiring. and discouraging. I can only push myself to encourage myself in the Lord. Coz man disappoints. But God NEVER.

In God we Trust. Indeed.


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