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My Weekend December 15, 2008

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I dislike alcohol…really…

but i can’t believe I ended up in the Pump Room for two nights in a row!

At least the band was good.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty uneventful. Just went chilling with the gang on Fri evening. Oh, tried Scottish food for the first time…safe to say, I won’t want to marry a scottish woman (I dun want to be eating haggis all the time…though i did like the scotch eggs)

Sat evening was Saraid’s birthday @CHIJMES. She insisted us dressing up ugly as the theme for the night. Oh well… her birthday mah, so grant it to her lor (anyway, she promised she will bring ugly clothes if we dun)

And boy, did she bring…she actually went to chinatown to pick out butt ugly aunty clothes for those who did not comply!

As usual, the ah pek me ish too lazy to write so will let the pictures do the talking…

Victim of Saraid’s ugly clothes

Obviously some people did not play by the rules…ugly! people, ugly! where’s your sense of fashion?! Or in this case…the lack of…



My Birthday… September 24, 2008

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Woah…I’m like HOW OLD?!

I really don’t want to know.-_-

All I know is I’m thankful to God for my family and friends. thankful that I got health (though a bit hypertensive!), got a job, doing what I like (not 100% but I guess I consider myself more fortunate than most people).

Birthdays really make you think and reflect…for me, I think about my life now…what am I doing? Am I happy? What can I do to make things better? Where am I going?



The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Bengs…

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I like Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits’.

Most self-help books revolve around the same principles as what the books says…the book is that good and effectual if one practices it. I think the number one self-help book would be the Bible, just that ‘Seven habits’ makes it easier to understand with more examples and illustrations.

So in that spirit, here’s an illustration to make the seven habits stick…the Singaporean way…

Habit No 1:
Be Pro-Active
Kin ka kin chiew (fast leg fast hand)



Happy Birthday Sis! August 26, 2008

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Today’s my little sister’s birthday!

Eunice is 21, 22,23, 24 XX this year! Woohoo! Old-ER liao haha



The ‘Molecule 01′ – I Want! August 23, 2008

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NDP Theme Song – Shine for Singapore/晴空万里 – Lyrics (Eng & Mandarin) July 13, 2008

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Have you seen a star,
One that guides you no matter where you are?
However vast the sky may be
Or dark it seems
You can be sure, it’s always there for you and me

Have you heard a song,
One that moved you, one that made you sing along?
Your dreams and hopes will all come true
If you believe that every vision begins with you.

* Shine for Singapore
This is your song
Deep inside your heart where it belongs
It’ll always stay, strive for your goals.
You will achieve with visions so bold.

# Shine for Singapore
This is our song
Reach out for the sky, far and beyond
As one we’ll stand, we’re Singapore
It’s here that we belong

Have you heard a song,
One that moved you, one that made you sing along?
Your dreams and hopes will all come true
If you believe that every vision begins with you.

Nowhere i’d rather be, this is home to me
This star shines strong and free

Repeat, *,#

Music by Benny Wong
Lyrics by Ms Xiao Han
Performed by Joi Chua

无论哪里 它陪着我 第一时间回到熟悉


* 晴空晴万里 满载真心
就算有风雨 我们的力量像恒星
齐心合力 微弱的光芒也能燎亮天际

# 晴空行万里 让梦探寻
明天的歌曲 来自每个人的声音
坚定不移 只要紧靠一起

常年彩虹 画出彩色的回忆
在这赤道旁的岛屿 小小面积

用我们的勇气 照耀着天际

Repeat *, #


NDP 2008 Theme Song (Shine for Singapore) – Video July 11, 2008

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btw, check out Jeremy’s review of the song. Well reviewed.