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Updates January 26, 2010

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I haven’t been blogging for the longest time.

mainly because of work.  and partly becuz i’m lazy? I mean, when I am busy, I would want to spend my free time just sleeping or doing my own stuff, like watching tv, surfing the net, even jogging. any activity that doesn’t require much of my brain power.

So why this post? Usually this means I have loads on my mind and something has pushed me to vomit all out so that blogging becomes more therapeutic.

As the year ended in 2009, I looked back and reflected. My main disappointments were mainly due to work. I know work ain’t everything. But a LOT hinges on work. No work, no money. No money…not much of a life issen it?

I dun hate my work. It’s more like i hate it that i cannot manage my work. I blame it on my ineffectiveness. My softheartedness. sometimes my kindness taken for granted. I just cannot bring myself to not help people. To say no. To be assertive and offending many in the process. It just doesn’t feel…very nice…

I know,  it’s something i have to work on…

And i digress…

I started the year with lots of aspirations and plans. but I am beginning to feel like a failure. I have not exercised much. I am not eating healthy most times. I still skip breakfast most days. Get overwhelmed in the morning  by emails, phone calls, requests to do this and do that. Little things. LITTLE things that ADD UP.  It’s mostly fighting fire. In the end, the things not done yesterday becomes the things STILL not done in the NEXT day!

I drive. And i am thinking most drivers in singapore are IDIOTS. Stupid people who do not realise that indicator lights exists. That they should signal their intentions. That they should keep their lanes. And NOT HOG the right lane at 60km/h on a 80km/h road!

then, to make matters worse, just when u think all that is left behind when u come home. HOME. a place supposely meant to be a place of solace. a SANCTUARY. And your own parents, instead of asking how you are, gives you grief instead. The moment u step into the apartment, questions come your way…suddenly u felt like u never left work.  IT actually feels like u just stepped in the office in the morning! Talk  abt deja vu!!

The above, if u looked at them individually, are small things. manageable. Itz when they all decide to gang up and overwhelm you that you feel totally helpless and out of control.

PLUS the other little things….insurance agents, traffic jams, overcrowded places, idiotic men who pee all over the floor, rude service staff, etc

Hope things change for the better soon. At least I haven’t reach the 80kg mark. or lost my job.

I still have a nice bed. Friends. and a little bit of health.

And I have God. He has promised that with God, ALL things are possible.

I just pray that I will not neglect Him. Coz I know He never neglects those who are called His children. We just have to remember to turn to Him always and accept His help.


Current Mood April 18, 2009

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I like this blog, pity it’s not been updated for months. The cartoons are farneee and reflects some of my thoughts.

Current mood – http://simplestickies.com/page/9/


Retropectives – Updated! January 6, 2009

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Christmas has come and gone so fast, so quickly…and so has new year’s day. Time for reflection and resolutions. Yes, resolutions are usually never successfully fulfilled. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying right? I mean, who doesn’t want their life to be better?

Anyways, before I go on rambling about my resolutions for the new year, let me look back and recap the highs and lows of my 2008. (more…)


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Bengs… September 24, 2008

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I like Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits’.

Most self-help books revolve around the same principles as what the books says…the book is that good and effectual if one practices it. I think the number one self-help book would be the Bible, just that ‘Seven habits’ makes it easier to understand with more examples and illustrations.

So in that spirit, here’s an illustration to make the seven habits stick…the Singaporean way…

Habit No 1:
Be Pro-Active
Kin ka kin chiew (fast leg fast hand)



Updates August 25, 2008

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Hi readers of this blog!

I am pleased to report that after months of errors (cannot comment, cannot go to the post, etc)

These should be a thing of the past now. They have been rectified and as u can see, the blog has gotten a new look too! =)

Enjoy! and keep reading!


Update: NDP 2008 Theme Song July 10, 2008

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It seems it only gets sadder each year for National Day. Last year I commented how similar was NDP 2007 theme song to the song “I still call Australia Home”

THIS YEAR, we seem to be telling the whole world that we have no talents and we can only rehash only old songs…WAT? You mean to tell me that Singapore (a country that is soooo overcrowded) has got no talent to compose a new theme song for this year?! Can u imagine this year’s Olympic theme song to be Amigo Para Siempre sung in Mandarin?!

Man…’Home’ in Tamil? and ‘There’s No Place I’d Rather Be’ sung in Malay? THAT’s the best we got??

(BTW, din we have ‘Home’ sung in different languages i.e. Tamil and Malay before???!!! I wld know, coz I have the recordings…done years ago!)

OH, ONE good news (to me) is that Joi Chua is the singer for this year’s NDP! YAYYeees!


CHEY CHEY CHEY…my news salah lah! Trust me to source the news from a mediacorp forum page! GOOD NEWS

This year’s theme song is out! Check them out…

English: Shine for Singapore sung by Hady (MTV starring Nat Ho in a long story?!) Must watch the MTV, good story, more meaningful than the usual ones previous years.

Mandarin: Qing Kong Wan Li sung by Joi Chua! (SOOO pwetty!) This song suits Joi Chua better.

Shine for Singapore


Have you seen a star?

One that guides you no matter where you are

However vast the sky may be

Or dark it seems

You can be sure, it’s always there for you and me

Have you heard a song

One that moved you, one that made you sing along?

Your dreams and hopes will all come true

If you believe that every vision begins with you


Shine for Singapore, this is your song

Deep inside your heart where it belongs

It’ll always stay, strive for your goals

You will achieve with visions so bold

This is our song,

reach for the sky, far and beyond

as one we’ll stand, we’re singapore

It’s here that we belong

Nowhere I’d rather be, this is home to me

This star shines strong and free

Will review it later… though my initial thoughts are that last year’s English version was much better…


Ego Post June 13, 2008

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Been curious about the rednano.sg ads so I finally checked it out today.

Apparently it is a search engine by SPH and it claims to be search-specific to all things Singapore.

I stared at the searchbox for 5 mins and had no idea what to type in…

Then I decided to type in…’eujzin’


Guess what I found?

Check this out