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Turn off A/C before switching off car engine April 22, 2009

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For those of you who drive, you may have been advised to turn off your radio/air con before you switch off your engine. I have alwis opposed to that simply because I am lazy AND because no one has really gave me a proper rationale or evidence to do so.

Well, thanks to the power of the internet…a short search on google showed a few things…and a simple meta-analysis reveals the following…(I have sieved out the better ones and posted it here for your reading pleasure and conclusion.)

The Question/s: “Do electrical devices running on your car’s electrical system affect petrol consumption OR Do we need to turn off the radio and A/C before switching off the car engine? Do you use more gas, all else being equal, with the lights, radio, plug-in accessories running than without?”

“The question is whether this is a noticeable drain. Your car is producing electricity whether you’re using it or not. Thats what the alternator does. How much stuff would you have to run to see a difference sounds like a question for someone with the time and equipment to run some decent experiments.”

“Some of the energy in the gasoline burned by your engine turns an alternator which, in turn, generates the electricity used by lights and gadgets. Alternator efficiency is only 50-65%, so the amount of gas used by lots of devices may be non-trivial.”

“Do you? Yes. Is it measureable? No. Even the strongest alternator, at say 135 amps, is drawing 135*12.6/745=2.3 hp, when it’s balls-out, which is pretty much never. You could gain that back by putting two more PSI in your tires. It’s miniscule.”

“My theory: it would technically put more resistance on the alternator, which is run by a pulley on the engine’s crankshaft, and through which it would send some feedback to the engine. In theory, just like the a/c compressor. But unlike turning on the a/c, I think the effect of plugging in a laptop would be negligible, and hard to measure, in gas used or in noticeable engine strain.”

“The air conditioner is belt driven, not electric, in 99% of cars. (Certain hybrids and electric cars have electric air conditioning.) Turning on the air conditioner in a normal car activates the compressor (engaged via a clutch) and places additional load on the engine. So yes, it does reduce your available engine power and your fuel economy.”

“For some cars the increased load on the alternator is noticeable. On my old Honda, for example, when you turned on the headlights the idle speed dropped a bit.”

As someone who drives stick it’s very easy to tell that the A/C puts additional load on the engine; it’s much easier to stall it when the AC is on.”

“This definitely depends on the car. I usually drive manual cars, and with my current 220HP V6, I couldn’t tell you if the AC was running or not, just based on the driveability. When I drove a 92HP Civic, I could definitely tell the AC was dragging the engine.”

“…The rear defroster is going to put significant load on the electrical system (and hence the alternator will resist a bit more in order to meet that load). They didn’t directly answer what the effect on mileage would be, though, just some estimates. I understand that energy isn’t free, but my question centers around whether the alternator has to work harder when there are more things on, or if it just kind of maintains a steady state, delivering a certain amount of current to the battery whenever the motor is running at a certain speed, regardless of whether electrical devices are running. Turns out that the resistance increases when you turn devices on, so theoretically there is increased use of fuel.”

“Also looks like no one can agree on whether it is trivial or not; I’ll bet that can vary depending on the car you’re driving.”


Cars Cars and MORE cars! April 2, 2009

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Most of my frenz know I LOVE cars…I am crazy enuff to read the detailed specs and compare between the models.

Here in Singapore, we are unfortunate to be blessed by the 3-letter word that is called C-O-E

Hence instead of paying $33k for a Mercedes SUV, we lucky Singaporeans pay about TEN times the price instead…a whopping $345K!!!

Sigh…here in this post, I am going to present the best bang for your buck (taking into account the look of the car too lah!)

Audi A3 $116K

1.8T* (Auto)

0-100 in 8secs

*T – Turbo

Audi TT $190k

2.0T (Auto)

0-100 in 6.4s

Chevrolet Epica $$73k

2.5 V6 (Auto)

0-100 in 9s

Fiat Bravo

1.4 T-JET (Auto) $86k

0-100 in 8s


New Jazz (2009)

1.5 $64k

0-100 in 10.5s


1.5 $58k

0-100 in 10.8


1.8 $72k

0-100 in 10.2s

2.0 $76k

0-100 in 9.2s

Type R

2.0 $92k

0-100 in 6.6s

Hyundai Avante

2.0 $55k

0-100 in 10.5s

Lexus IS 250

2.5 $141k

0-100 in 8.4s


The All-New Kia Cerato March 12, 2009

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Wah lau…like how chio…

looks like a Honda City/CiVic/Toyota Allion hybrid

Kia wor…a world of difference from the older Kia models! I think Korea cars can slowly shed the korean-cars-are-ugly-and-lousy image.

“Forte comes equipped with new features such as navigation system with voice recognition, smart key button ignition system and Bluetooth technology. In addition to the high technology features that are normally reserved for larger cars, the car comes equipped with complete safety fetures, such as side and curtain airbags, a VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system and active headrests.”

Ok…i let the pictures do the talking…


My Current Fave Car!!! The Shelby 500KR! February 13, 2009

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This car is smokin’ hot!



E200? E230? S320? What gives? July 3, 2007

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[Warning: Long (but informative) Post]
Ever wondered those numbers mean on a car, specifically on one of the world’s most famous marques?

What the heck is EJ tokking abt? I’m tokking abt that 3-pointed symbol most pple wld go “Wow! U drive that? cool!”
No NO, not Mitsubishi (not unless u are refering to the hot fast AND furious EVO)
We’re tokking abt Mercerdes-Benz lah

Well, here’s a little primer on the world of cars…starting with the famous German car maker, Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz (or ‘Mercz’ as we so affectionately call them) was actually a merger of 3 companies (hence the 3 points, also the 3 points meant air, land, and sea)
Karl Benz was da dood who allegedly came up with the world’s first automobile.
The German marque was the company responsible with many world’s automotive firsts.
Noted examples were

  • ABS (since 1978!!!),
  • Traction control (1986),
  • airbags (1980), Brake assist,
  • pre-tensioners to seat belts on the 1981 S-Class.
    In the event of a crash, a pre-tensioner will tighten the belt almost instantaneously, preventing the passenger from jerking
    forward in a crash,
  • The “Safety cage” or “Safety cell” construction with front and rear crumple zones —considered by many as the most important innovation in automobile construction from a safety
    standpoint, and now used in nearly all cars and trucks—was first developed by Mercedes-Benz in 1950s and many safety systems and of course luxury stuff!

The UK Dept of Transports has stats that say Mercedes-Benz is 3 times safer than the safest Volvo and BMW 7-series!

Ok, now for the nomenclature (meaning the ‘naming of’) aka decoding the erm, code

  • In 1994, the prefix reflected the model (“class”, German “Klasse”, in Mercedes-Benz terminology) and a number for the displacement.
  • The suffix was retained in some cases, for example “L” for long wheelbase, and “CDI” for Diesel (CDI = Common rail Direct Injection). Thus, the E500 means (“E-Klasse”, 5 liters displacement).
  • It should also be noted that while in the past the model number generally accurately reflected the actual engine displacement, this is currently not always the case – for example the E200 CDI and E220 CDI actually both have a 2.2 liter displacement, and the C240 actually has a 2.6 litre engine.
  • Also, there is a huge difference in power (and price) between some cars with the same engine number, such as CLK55 and CL55.
  • Supermini: A class (intro in 1998), Entry level: C class (intro in 1993); equivalent to BMW’s 3-series, Volvo S60, Lexus IS, Audi A4, Mid-size: E class, CLS; equivalent to BMW’s 5-series
  • Full-Size: S (intro in 1970s, the luxury flagship, flagship meaning the largest, most prestigious and representative of the brand) The name “S-Class” derives from the German word “Sonderklasse” for which “S-class” is just an abbreviation.
    “Sonderklasse” means “special class”, meaning a specially outfitted car, Maybach
  • Roadster: SLK, SL (the ‘K’ usually means ‘Kompressor’, think turbo-charged, sort of)
  • Coupe: CLK, CL (‘C’ meaning ‘coupe’)
  • Supercar: SLR (hence shld be the fastest and most furious Benz) 0-100 in 3.8s!!!

Jeremy Clarkson has said in a recent Top Gear episode that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class contains technology to be found on other cars in the future. Clarkson states, “If you want to know what toys are going to be fitted in your ordinary family saloon in like 10 years time, there is only one place to look…” “It’s more than just
a car, it’s a glimpse into the future, it’s a showcase of everything that can be done and everything that everyone else will be doing very soon.”

Sources:http://www.answers.com/topic/mercedes-benz, http://www.mercedes-benz.com/

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E200? E230? S320? What gives?

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[Warning: Long (but informative) Post]
Ever wondered those numbers mean on a car, specifically on one of the world’s most famous marques?What the heck is EJ tokking abt? I’m tokking abt that 3-pointed symbol most pple wld go “Wow! U drive that? cool!”
No NO, not Mitsubishi (not unless u are refering to the hot fast AND furious EVO) (more…)


My Fave Cars (and my dream cars!) May 22, 2007

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I love cars…of course esp fast (and furious) ones!

Living in Australia definitely did fuel my interest in cars, esp high power, high revving ones – aplenty Down Under (as compared to the anemic scene in sunny singapore!)

SO I just want to introduce you to my top cars (Bang for Bucks) for this tiny island…

  1. Honda Accord Euro 2006 (unfortunately imported)
  2. Honda Civic Type R 2007 (yes…its official!); $105,000, 201hp
  3. Nissan 350Z 2007; 313hp!!! ,$158,000, 0-100 6.5s
  4. Mazda 3 SP3 2.0 2007; $66,889, 147hp, 0-100 9s! (BEST ALL-ROUNDER)
  5. Honda Civic 2.0 2007; $81,200, 155hp, 0-100 9.2s
  6. Honda Civic 1.8 2007; $78,000, 140hp, 0-100 10.2s
  7. Hyundai Avante 2.0 2007; $62,999, 143hp, 0-100 10.5s (ya…u heard me right, a Korean car!)

Special mention – Mitsubishi Ralliart Turbo; $70,988, 165hp, 0-100 8.8s

and of course my car – the 2005 Toyota Altis 1.8; $70,000+ (can’t remember!), 100kW, 0-100 in 10s! =)

My DREAM cars!

  1. BMW M3 2008/09 – sweet ride! though itz not arrived on this island yet, 0-100 4.8s

  1. Audi R8 0-100 4.2s!!!

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