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Lessons LEarnt from the Life of Caleb June 1, 2010

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I recently concluded a bible study on the life of Caleb.

Not much is known of him, he’s certainly not as frequently mention unlike the likes of Moses or even Joshua.

He was a peer of Joshua’s, a minor character amongst men but definitely big with God.

Let me give a summary on our bible study on Caleb…

  • He had a godly perspective
  • He was unpopular with man
  • But he looked beyond the bad things to see the good things
  • Caleb had ‘God-view’ (faith) not ‘man-view’ (fear)
  • Caleb looked with eyes of faith (“God CAN…”)  not with eyes of fear (“I cannot, we cannot…”)
  • Fear looks at ourselves (we get overwhelmed)
  • Faith looks at God (we overcome fear instead)

The question is, are we victims or victors of our circumstances? Do we trust God more or ourselves? Let us be a Caleb and put all our trust on the almighty God!


Lessons Learnt and Shared October 19, 2009

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Haven’t been blogging for a looooong while. not even sure anyone still reads this stale blog.

But hopefully I still have some faithful readers coz the main purpose of this blog is to share information. Ideally things that can help improve lives…

Been wanting to share what I learned from a sermon I heard recently…

4/10/09 11:45 @GLCC Ps Jason (Neh 1.4)
Nehemiah – A Man Who Weep, Wait, Works (aka How to be a Good Leader)

•Neh had the burden
•Neh responded to tt burden
•Sometimes we rush ahead before God – more haste less sleep
•A vision is like a baby, needs to be nurtured
•A spiritual man pleads é promises ó God
•Praise-> Penitence->Promises
•Be sensitive to God’s prompting
•’Tator’ pple : Spec-tator, commen-tator, dic-tator, hesis-tator, imi-tator <- What kind are we??

•Initiator <-One of the main characteristics of leaders


Lessons from Worship Svc…Count it ALL Joy… (Philippians 1) July 13, 2009

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Today’s msg was esp inspiring

The speaker, Dr Jason, reminded us of the life of apostle Paul. A man who suffered much yet remained joyful and made the best of what many of us would consider a really bad and despairing situation.

Instead of lamenting and stayed that way, Paul had the right perspective and would take advantage of the situation despite seemingly bad circumstances. Below are short notes I took during this morning’s service…



Camp Msg #1 – Strengthened by the Faith in the Omnipotent God June 16, 2009

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  • God is omnipotent and all powerful – scriptures testifies that (amen!)…Elohim expresses the might of the Creator God. El Shaddai means the almighty God (Gen 17:1)
  • Our faith depends on His power…and God is powerful, thus our faith is strengthened by that fact.
  • When God is not the foundation of the building…troubles and problems can ensue.
  • When we are in pain, we tend to blame God…our perspective tend to be very LIMITED…
  • When problems ensue, we question the power of God.
  • Our finite minds fail to comprehend the infinite God
  • When troubles ensues, it is NOT due to God’s powerlessness but rather most times, is due to our own choices and sin. We cannot blame God for the problems we create ourselve. We have to take responibility of our actions. God’s attributes demands that He be Just and Holy. But His love, mercy, and grace may be shown when He holds back a more demanding punishment than we deserve!
  • We cannot blame God…it could be WORSE!?
  • When God is the master and commander..we can have assurance and confidence that he is all powerful and omnipotent. Such confidence can lead us to depend on Him and to trust in His power. What we need to do is to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us to demostrate that power!

Key Points from the Opening Message for “Building Godly Families”

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Short message points by Rev Ki

“Except the Lord builds it, all is in vain…” Psalm 127:1

This is the foundation in building anything – relationships, churches, bulidings, camps…

Many families today, even Christian ones, are unable to escape the trend where families are not close to each other unlike in the past.

3 Characteristics of Godly families

  1. Spiritual dependence on God (individual)
  2. Live in awareness of God
  3. Implementation of God’s principles

If we are unable to defend/speak for our faith… when our faith is challenged, we are proned to wander and leave God. Hence it is important to know what we believe in.

Strong relationships do not come by chance, like all else, diligence and effort must be made.

Many of us have bibles (sometimes even more than one~!) but the contents remains a mystery to us…Let God’s word be the rule and the last word in all things.


Short notes from the pulpit (1 Mar 2009) March 1, 2009

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Backsliding (1 Sam 27-30)

•David é Psalmist din write psalms for mths when he backslided
•The Road to backsliding
– We start having Spiritual Alzheimer’s/Dementia
– We start forgetting to pray (1 Sam 27:1)

– David is usually a man ó prayer (1 Sam 23:2 Therefore David enquired of the LORD, 4 Then David enquired of the LORD yet again…)

•The Ruins ó backsliding

-Sins will find u out
-What goes ard comes ard
-Distance frm God gets more and more
-Temporary relief by compromise leads to a spiral downwards (1 Sam 27:11, 28:1,2)
• Sin is accompanied by many friends
• Sin will take u farther, longer, cost more than u imagined

•the Rescue frm Backsliding
-Need to start Praying (1 Sam 30:6)

– Get back to reading His Word

– Get back to fellowship with God and His people

Notes taken @GLCC Msg by Pr Jason



Short notes from the pulpit (22 Feb 2009)

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Yes He Can!

Ex 14:30 Thus the LORD saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore. 31 And Israel saw that great work which the LORD did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared the LORD, and believed the LORD, and his servant Moses.

•Reverence means a form of healthy respect, not the friend-friend only kind of relationship that we see so many christians having.

•Not yes WE can BUT YES HE CAN! – Many of us forgot to depend on God and usually rely on own strength first or only. Not by our family, degree, Nationality, or job BUT by GRACE ó GOD! Many are proud and dependent on own strength

•God had Moses trained in Egypt & in é wilderness – despite his royal heritage and training, Moses still went thru the training in the wilderness to learn how to depend on God.

•When é job seems too difficult…Read Ex4
•When é enemy seems too strong – Read Ex14
•Reading horoscopes? They are HORROR Scopes!! What we should be reading is God’s scopes! The bible!

Notes taken on the 22/2/09 10:50 @PPCC Worship svc