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Protected: Helpless June 17, 2009

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You feel helpless and frustrated when the person u care abt is upset and you do not know why. You so much want to help but you dunno what is the problem, so how??


The Frustrations and Mysteries of the Guy-Gal Relationship May 12, 2009

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This matter has been weighing (rather heavily) on my poor mind for a long while. I cherish friendships and when I realised that close frenz aren’t so close anymore, I get rather sad (more so than the average person/or more so than most of my friends)

My problem is that with the guys, it’s not too bad. Most of my guy friends, we still stay in touch. or we occasionally stay in touch, which is fine, more for them than for me. The dudes are ok that way, they dun need the “hey…we have not met for ages…” (to girls, this could mean A WEEK, and THAT could be too long)



Another Book Review May 6, 2009

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Book Review – abt making friends @work

  • Not following thru is sure way to lose
  • Try value adding to a friend’s life
  • Remember a person’s story
  • Share personal experiences to connect
  • Give without expectg smethg in return (abundance principle)
  • Remember da person’s name
    • *S-say 3 times
    • *A-ask
    • *V-visualize
    • *E-emphasize

Suck It Up…Life’s Like That February 11, 2009

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This day can’t be any worse. It can’t. Because the day has ended. THANKFULLY.

Any minute longer and I would check myself into IMH.



Everytime we say goodbye… January 27, 2009

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Chinese New Year…a time of cleaning, and also for a little nostalgia.

Inevitably, as I cleaned up my room, I came across things from my past, in particularly stuff that my friends have given me, photos we have taken together, letters addressed to me, etc.



My Weekend December 15, 2008

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I dislike alcohol…really…

but i can’t believe I ended up in the Pump Room for two nights in a row!

At least the band was good.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty uneventful. Just went chilling with the gang on Fri evening. Oh, tried Scottish food for the first time…safe to say, I won’t want to marry a scottish woman (I dun want to be eating haggis all the time…though i did like the scotch eggs)

Sat evening was Saraid’s birthday @CHIJMES. She insisted us dressing up ugly as the theme for the night. Oh well… her birthday mah, so grant it to her lor (anyway, she promised she will bring ugly clothes if we dun)

And boy, did she bring…she actually went to chinatown to pick out butt ugly aunty clothes for those who did not comply!

As usual, the ah pek me ish too lazy to write so will let the pictures do the talking…

Victim of Saraid’s ugly clothes

Obviously some people did not play by the rules…ugly! people, ugly! where’s your sense of fashion?! Or in this case…the lack of…



Looong Weekend – YB’s Birthday, Chunk Fest & Std Chart! December 8, 2008

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Had a pretty packed weekend…

I am soooo lazy…so I am just gonna use the pics to tell the story!

YB’s Birthday!

Dinner @Manhatten Fish Mkt (The Central)

The vain speechies and the dietitian (aka Saturated Fat Princess aka Birthday Girl!)