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OMG December 27, 2010

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Just realised that my past two posts are bitching and whining. hope I turn become some whiney person that I would hate myself for.

God, please help me be a stronger person.

Someone who have the courage to change things (if i could)

serenity to accept the things that I can’t

and strength and wisdom to know the difference!


Lessons LEarnt from the Life of Caleb June 1, 2010

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I recently concluded a bible study on the life of Caleb.

Not much is known of him, he’s certainly not as frequently mention unlike the likes of Moses or even Joshua.

He was a peer of Joshua’s, a minor character amongst men but definitely big with God.

Let me give a summary on our bible study on Caleb…

  • He had a godly perspective
  • He was unpopular with man
  • But he looked beyond the bad things to see the good things
  • Caleb had ‘God-view’ (faith) not ‘man-view’ (fear)
  • Caleb looked with eyes of faith (“God CAN…”)  not with eyes of fear (“I cannot, we cannot…”)
  • Fear looks at ourselves (we get overwhelmed)
  • Faith looks at God (we overcome fear instead)

The question is, are we victims or victors of our circumstances? Do we trust God more or ourselves? Let us be a Caleb and put all our trust on the almighty God!


My End-in-Mind for this new year January 3, 2010

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They (actually it means that i dun have a credible source) say that most successful people have goals.

And writing it down makes it clearer.

I DO want to be successful and I do have a poor memory so I am gonna use my long-neglected blog to spell it out as a reminder to self and for my friends to see (so that they too can remind me!)

Before I do that, let’s see how well I did for 2009…

I told myself that I would…

  • Exercise more <-DONE!
  • Climb stairs <-DONE! (I even did the vertical marathon!)
  • Eat healthy<-ERM…debatable
  • Two fruits a day<-started well and then FAILED miserably!
  • Save coins <-DONE!
  • Check bill before paying <-ok lah…can be better!
  • Walk 10,000 steps <-can be better!
  • Learn how to dance <-DONE!(once again thanks to Yvonne and WinNie! and also my dance partners miss green and celeste)
  • Learn diving <-Thanks to my besties Liyan and Charlotte, and also to Red Scuba)
  • Make more friends <-hmm…not sure…
  • Play tennis at least once a month <-FAILED!
  • Sleep earlier <-FAILED!
  • No alcohol on work nights! <-Thanks to Cheryl dear
  • Sing more<-hmmm…
  • Read more <-can be much much better!

SO…looks like i did better than expected (bear in mind I only refer to this list maybe once or twice, the most THRICE)

So this year, I shall… (more…)


Lessons Learnt and Shared October 19, 2009

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Haven’t been blogging for a looooong while. not even sure anyone still reads this stale blog.

But hopefully I still have some faithful readers coz the main purpose of this blog is to share information. Ideally things that can help improve lives…

Been wanting to share what I learned from a sermon I heard recently…

4/10/09 11:45 @GLCC Ps Jason (Neh 1.4)
Nehemiah – A Man Who Weep, Wait, Works (aka How to be a Good Leader)

•Neh had the burden
•Neh responded to tt burden
•Sometimes we rush ahead before God – more haste less sleep
•A vision is like a baby, needs to be nurtured
•A spiritual man pleads é promises ó God
•Praise-> Penitence->Promises
•Be sensitive to God’s prompting
•’Tator’ pple : Spec-tator, commen-tator, dic-tator, hesis-tator, imi-tator <- What kind are we??

•Initiator <-One of the main characteristics of leaders


Encouragement June 18, 2009

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I love quotes..they depict wisdom, they speak volumes in short sentences

Here are some I gathered, to encourage a friend and also myself.

The following generally speaks of how we ought to view things in a different perspective, a paradigm shift.

  • What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
    -Richard Bach
  • It’s not the load that breaks you down – its the way you carry it. -Lou Holtz
  • Crap is not what happens to you;
    it is what you do with crap that happens to you
    -paraphrased by Eu-Jzin
  • Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t,
    I give myself reasons why I can.

  • When one door closes another door opens;
    but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,
    that we do not see the ones which open for us.

    -Alexander Graham Bell
  • A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man June 16, 2009

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The quote follows the three basic (impt) steps of classical education.

Reading supplies a person with the information needed to deal with some difficulty.

Conferring with another person hones all that information, helps a person to prioritise the massive amount of information so that it can be useful.

Finally, the act of writing is helpful to express what is needed to solve the difficulty in a very clear way.

Source: Wikipedia


Why Read? June 9, 2009

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Think not many of my friends read. Some people would argue that’s why so many men are asses.

A good book doesn’t just describe lives of other people (fictional or not) but  they make arguments about the kind of person we ought to be. They inspire improvements…