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iLuv iPhone? March 16, 2010

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Back in 2007, when iPhone wasn’t as widespread (u see iPhones everywhere! and yet most use it to play games??!!) like Ikea is in Singapore homes, it used to elicit cool remarks and wolf whistles like it was the coolest gadget on earth. But forward to 2010, it ain’t so bells and whistles no more. Here’s why…

  • No flash (both for camera and for web surfing)
  • Poor camera performance
  • Poor phone call quality
  • No multitasking
  • It’s thick
  • You can’t easily transfer data files, music, videos, any files like a plug n play hard disk (despite having 32Gb)
  • You cannot sync data over wifi or bluetooth (Palm was able to do that like wayyy back in 2005!)
  • The bluetooth function sucks (limited bluetooth)
  • no SDHC/microSDHC expansion slot to add to it
  • No second camera for video calling
  • iTunes tie: media content locked to specific computer, no simple drag & drop way to add files
  • Limited codec support excludes likes of Ogg Vorbis audio and – crucially – AVI video so lengthy format conversion required with third party software
  • Non-removeable battery so it can’t be swapped out on long journeys & requires expensive procedure to replace at an Apple store should it degrade outside the warranty

The only good thing I like about iPhone is the power of the apps…but by the virtue of being popular, there’s lots of support for the iPhone hence the numerous amount of apps available.

I’ve got an iPod Touch which is awesome except for the reasons stated above. It’s so so dumb having data files and a hard disk and not being able to use it!!

Given some time, i believe there will be more apps for the WebOS, Android, and the Blackberry to level the playing field.


Another Book Review May 6, 2009

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Book Review – abt making friends @work

  • Not following thru is sure way to lose
  • Try value adding to a friend’s life
  • Remember a person’s story
  • Share personal experiences to connect
  • Give without expectg smethg in return (abundance principle)
  • Remember da person’s name
    • *S-say 3 times
    • *A-ask
    • *V-visualize
    • *E-emphasize

What I Learned for Book Review

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My workplace has weekly lunchtime book reviews which I go from time to time…pretty useful session as people summarised for you the impt salient points. Here’s what i learned from one session held few weeks back…

Pity I forgot the book’s name!

But it was on coping with errors

  • Two common stages when we make mistakes
    • Denial
    • Discounting
  • What we do when we are in those two stages…
    • Blame sys
    • Blame superior
    • Blame subordinates
    • Blame everyone else but self – don’t take responsibility
  • Another stage is Distancing
  • Adequate Control exists only to the degree on the corporate to the individual
  • Answer to guilt or mistake/s:
    • Confession
    • Absolution
    • Restitution

Retropectives – Updated! January 6, 2009

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Christmas has come and gone so fast, so quickly…and so has new year’s day. Time for reflection and resolutions. Yes, resolutions are usually never successfully fulfilled. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying right? I mean, who doesn’t want their life to be better?

Anyways, before I go on rambling about my resolutions for the new year, let me look back and recap the highs and lows of my 2008. (more…)


BB Creams – Wonder Creams? December 30, 2008

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Yes, I know, I’m a guy. Why then is eujzin on about BB creams?

Well…because I am only human and I am vain, so there.

Back to the topic, BB Creams…I first saw it at Watson’s, Rojukiss BB Cream. Like other beauty product, this one promises good skin AND MORE…So it got me curious. It sounded too good to be true.

Well, this is what is claims to do after using it…

  • covers blemishes
  • minimises enlarged pores
  • gives a glow
  • heals the skin
  • evens out uneven skin tones, etc (more…)

The KOSS PortaPro October 10, 2008

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I’m alwis on a quest for the ultimate sound but not willing to pay the ultimate price (No money lah!)

What I go for is not the best money can buy but rather the best bang for bucks (translate: cheap and good!)

That’s where Koss plays a huge role in the land of consumer headphones.



The NEW iPod Nano – In 9 Amazing Colours (+Koss) October 2, 2008

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Just came back from dinner with two good friends of mine, Lum & Germy

The buffet @Hanabi (King’s Arcade) was nice, good value for money with over 100 dishes to choose from (I had like so much sashimi; their fish is good!). Plus it was not crowded yet location was convenient (easy parking) and near for three of us.

Opps…and i digress…

Germy has just gotten the new iPod Nano and was showing us the set together with this amazing set of earbuds from Koss (but that’s another story altogether which I will blog about in the near future).

I hadn’t even heard a whiff of news about any new nano so I was pleasantly surprised that Apple came out with the all-new nano. Frankly, I hated the design of the previous one…so wide…not what I would call ‘chio’. But this new design…CHIO!

Just check out the array of colours available!

The sound was amazing…as usual…nto sure if it was enhanced by the Koss earbuds I used but I liked the usual Apple iPod goodies…ease of use, fast response, intuitive, good sound, etc

It’s also easier to handle (my sis has the previous nano so I know k), the new curves…mmm…

And cannot dun mention the accelerometer…wah it seems a lot of gadgets these days have this…but it rocks. With the built-in sensor, it is able to sense and auto change from portrait to landscape view when say, you wanna watch a video or view a landscape pic in the brilliant hi-res 2-inch screen!