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Vertical Marathon November 2, 2009

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Having disappointed by the failure to secure a registration for Sundown this year, missing the OSIM Triathlon, and the ugliness of Std Chart’s Finishers Tee, I decided to commit suicide by signing up for something different…The Swissotel Vertical Marathon!

Well, training has been met with some hiccups, mainly, my block is only 12 storeys, and Swissotel is 73! So scouting around, I manage to find a 25 storey building to start off my training. BOY, I realised what I was in for when I ran to the 15th storey….legs started to lose strength and I found myself unable to stabilise and slowly felt the strength of my legs ebbing away. I had to slow down and I walked  and occasionally ran up the rest of the way.

At the 25th, I stretched a little and started to enjoy the nice cool breeze and view on top. But I must press on! I went down and attempted to run up again. This time, my legs started to give way at the 7th or 8th storey…all the lactic acid was swelling up in my legs and it felt like very little blood was in my legs. I succumbed to walking the rest of the flight of stairs instead.

Well…5o storeys only and I was flat out. I might just consider buying a ligher shoe and eating more carbs for the vertical marathon. Hmm…well, only one month to go, hope I dun die halfway up the Swissotel!

I’m gonna continue training, tweaking here and there. Hopefully can go all the way, finding my own pace, without stopping, at least for 50 storeys before I try the full 73 storeys.

UPDATE: I finished in less than 30 mins woot! not too bad for an overweight guy with wobbly knees on his maiden attempt at it. btw, the view on top is FANTASTIC.


Updates February 7, 2009

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Sorry guys…haven’t been updating much for a while…

Ok…what has transpired this week…

I had a very tiring week…spending half of my day at Health Promotion Board giving healthzone talks. I didn’t mind it esp when the students are from Australian International School. Mind you, you might think that ang moh kids are like little brats but they are sooooo well behaved and smart compared to our kids here in Singapore. Not to say our kids are dumb or anything but i think our culture, our system is making them dumb. I noticed the teacher disciplining the AIS kids but not as much as the MOE teachers do though…the MOE teachers screamed themselves hoarse and yet the kids remain the monsters they are. or even worse after all that screaming (from the teacher not the students!)

And i digress…this post is about me not them…ANYWAYs, i reckoned i effectively reached out to 400+kids this week. Covered the entire year 3 students. And they were soooooo nice. Some would individually come up to me and say “Thank you Mr Eu-Jzin, I enjoyed your talk” Do I hear, “Awww…. =P

I remembered on Tues, I would spend the whole day at HPB and then rush back to the hospital for a meeting, and then rush to my salsa class. WOAH. Can diiiiie lor

I have just been ‘sold’ to the Health for Life centre. Apparently, I will be helping them on a project by project basis. AND my present workload remains the SAME, WTH??!!

So I get to do more but same pay??! Wat gives…as if I not doing enuff meh???

APPARENTLY, almost everyone at work thinks I am capable and a workoholic…who are the people spreading these vicious rumours…wait till i get my hands on their necks… they shld talk to my boss…she breathes downmy neck like alllllll the time, “Eu-Jzin! Where’s that xxx I asked you to do???”

Anyways, another thing that has been bugging me is my upcoming IPPT and reservist training…sianz…

I’ve been running and training almost every other day…hopefully I will be conditioned by then…*fingers crossed*


Disappointed… February 5, 2009

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If I am still in NS, my sargent major would never believe that I am actually sad that I could not take part in a run!

Can’t believe Sundown Marathon is so popular! The team category and 42km categories are actually full! And it’s still in the early bird period!!

Am feeling really down that I could not be part of it this year, dumb hor??!


Singapore (Standard Chartered) Marathon 2008 – The Race Pack December 3, 2008

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Was fortunate to collect the Race Pack early due to corporate registration. Corporate registrants get to collect their race pack early. I have been anticipating for this because I was curious to find out if this year’s event tee was nicer than last year’s…(my fave is 2006, followed by 2008, really dislike 2007’s!)

Well…here are the pics! (sorry no female version, but i can say that the female tee is duo colours..nicer that the guys’ i would say…)


Nike Human Race September 1, 2008

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How many kilometres?

Just ten

How do I feel?




Dumb and Dumber August 25, 2008

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The SAFRA/AHM/Bay Run…



Personal Finance – Make your $$ work harder! August 12, 2008

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Ever since I learned the power of compounding interest while being a student in Melbourne, I was fascinated by the world pf personal finance. I personally feel it should be everyone’s interest to be, erm, interested.

Do you know that if you are just simply saving by putting your money each time into an ordinary bank account, you may be losing out a lot? Do you know that if you do not save with a an interest of equal or more than the inflation rate, you actually ‘lugi’?

DO you know what our local banks’ are offering as compared to overseas, .e.g. Australia?!

AS of today, currently, the best interest rates (<$5000) are Standard Chartered e$aver 0.5%, Citibank Step-up 0.3% to 1.2%,  POSB’s Mysavings 0.45 to 1%, and Fairprice’s Fairpriceplus)


I am now currently looking for a suitable credit card for myself, one that offers rebate, and discounts at places I actually do frequent. Here’s a quick summary…
UOB’s ONE Card – Cash rebate with min spending $300 in 3 months (you get back $30, BUT UOB says it’s not 10% rebate, they remain vague about the figures).

UOB’s NOW Card – Now with NETS! EZ link +Debit card +ATM +NETS – ’nuff said! Plus $mart rebates and cheaper movie tix! Enjoy first year annual fee waiver.PLUS! Spend a minimum of S$2,400 per year to enjoy automatic annual fee waivers

Citibank’s Dividend Card – 5% cash rebate on petrol, 2% cash back on dining, grocery and pharmaceutical purchases when you charge to your Citi DIVIDEND Card. You’ll also earn 0.5% cash back on all your other purchases. Rebates are received every 3 months(same as the ONE card)

Citibank’s SMRT Card – Credit+EZ link

For more info, chk out the following local websites:

Singapore Watch

Dr Money

Flowerpod Forum

Tan Kin Lian Articles

Tan Kin Lian FAQ
Also read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

NOTE: The interest rates offered by local banks are more or less the same i.e. VERY LOW and can’t cover INFLATION