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Vertical Marathon November 2, 2009

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Having disappointed by the failure to secure a registration for Sundown this year, missing the OSIM Triathlon, and the ugliness of Std Chart’s Finishers Tee, I decided to commit suicide by signing up for something different…The Swissotel Vertical Marathon!

Well, training has been met with some hiccups, mainly, my block is only 12 storeys, and Swissotel is 73! So scouting around, I manage to find a 25 storey building to start off my training. BOY, I realised what I was in for when I ran to the 15th storey….legs started to lose strength and I found myself unable to stabilise and slowly felt the strength of my legs ebbing away. I had to slow down and I walked  and occasionally ran up the rest of the way.

At the 25th, I stretched a little and started to enjoy the nice cool breeze and view on top. But I must press on! I went down and attempted to run up again. This time, my legs started to give way at the 7th or 8th storey…all the lactic acid was swelling up in my legs and it felt like very little blood was in my legs. I succumbed to walking the rest of the flight of stairs instead.

Well…5o storeys only and I was flat out. I might just consider buying a ligher shoe and eating more carbs for the vertical marathon. Hmm…well, only one month to go, hope I dun die halfway up the Swissotel!

I’m gonna continue training, tweaking here and there. Hopefully can go all the way, finding my own pace, without stopping, at least for 50 storeys before I try the full 73 storeys.

UPDATE: I finished in less than 30 mins woot! not too bad for an overweight guy with wobbly knees on his maiden attempt at it. btw, the view on top is FANTASTIC.


Looong Weekend – YB’s Birthday, Chunk Fest & Std Chart! December 8, 2008

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Had a pretty packed weekend…

I am soooo lazy…so I am just gonna use the pics to tell the story!

YB’s Birthday!

Dinner @Manhatten Fish Mkt (The Central)

The vain speechies and the dietitian (aka Saturated Fat Princess aka Birthday Girl!)



Singapore (Standard Chartered) Marathon 2008 – The Race Pack December 3, 2008

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Was fortunate to collect the Race Pack early due to corporate registration. Corporate registrants get to collect their race pack early. I have been anticipating for this because I was curious to find out if this year’s event tee was nicer than last year’s…(my fave is 2006, followed by 2008, really dislike 2007’s!)

Well…here are the pics! (sorry no female version, but i can say that the female tee is duo colours..nicer that the guys’ i would say…)


Dumb and Dumber August 25, 2008

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The SAFRA/AHM/Bay Run…



I have a confession… August 18, 2008

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I love shopping








NDP Theme Song – Shine for Singapore/晴空万里 – Lyrics (Eng & Mandarin) July 13, 2008

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Have you seen a star,
One that guides you no matter where you are?
However vast the sky may be
Or dark it seems
You can be sure, it’s always there for you and me

Have you heard a song,
One that moved you, one that made you sing along?
Your dreams and hopes will all come true
If you believe that every vision begins with you.

* Shine for Singapore
This is your song
Deep inside your heart where it belongs
It’ll always stay, strive for your goals.
You will achieve with visions so bold.

# Shine for Singapore
This is our song
Reach out for the sky, far and beyond
As one we’ll stand, we’re Singapore
It’s here that we belong

Have you heard a song,
One that moved you, one that made you sing along?
Your dreams and hopes will all come true
If you believe that every vision begins with you.

Nowhere i’d rather be, this is home to me
This star shines strong and free

Repeat, *,#

Music by Benny Wong
Lyrics by Ms Xiao Han
Performed by Joi Chua

无论哪里 它陪着我 第一时间回到熟悉


* 晴空晴万里 满载真心
就算有风雨 我们的力量像恒星
齐心合力 微弱的光芒也能燎亮天际

# 晴空行万里 让梦探寻
明天的歌曲 来自每个人的声音
坚定不移 只要紧靠一起

常年彩虹 画出彩色的回忆
在这赤道旁的岛屿 小小面积

用我们的勇气 照耀着天际

Repeat *, #


NDP 2008 Theme Song (Shine for Singapore) – Video July 11, 2008

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btw, check out Jeremy’s review of the song. Well reviewed.