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Alien Nation February 4, 2010

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I’ve been getting comments that I am a very busy person and “very hard to get you leh”

I mean, can I not be uncontactable (for a short while)? Can I not be busy at work? Is that a crime?

It’s not as if I LIKE to NOT reply my personal emails or phone calls or sms BUT I AM REALLY BUSY.

I know I don’t earn big bucks nor run a BIG organisation. BUT that doesn’t disqualify me the right to be called busy no?

I remember I used to pride myself for replying my emails real fast and clearing them within a day. But that’s eons ago…back in the days when I still wear berms and tees everyday to uni.


AS much as i like to stop working, I can’t. That’s life, we have to work. We do need $$ to pay bills, loans, food, etc

Why can’t people be more understanding?


Updates January 26, 2010

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I haven’t been blogging for the longest time.

mainly because of work.  and partly becuz i’m lazy? I mean, when I am busy, I would want to spend my free time just sleeping or doing my own stuff, like watching tv, surfing the net, even jogging. any activity that doesn’t require much of my brain power.

So why this post? Usually this means I have loads on my mind and something has pushed me to vomit all out so that blogging becomes more therapeutic.

As the year ended in 2009, I looked back and reflected. My main disappointments were mainly due to work. I know work ain’t everything. But a LOT hinges on work. No work, no money. No money…not much of a life issen it?

I dun hate my work. It’s more like i hate it that i cannot manage my work. I blame it on my ineffectiveness. My softheartedness. sometimes my kindness taken for granted. I just cannot bring myself to not help people. To say no. To be assertive and offending many in the process. It just doesn’t feel…very nice…

I know,  it’s something i have to work on…

And i digress…

I started the year with lots of aspirations and plans. but I am beginning to feel like a failure. I have not exercised much. I am not eating healthy most times. I still skip breakfast most days. Get overwhelmed in the morning  by emails, phone calls, requests to do this and do that. Little things. LITTLE things that ADD UP.  It’s mostly fighting fire. In the end, the things not done yesterday becomes the things STILL not done in the NEXT day!

I drive. And i am thinking most drivers in singapore are IDIOTS. Stupid people who do not realise that indicator lights exists. That they should signal their intentions. That they should keep their lanes. And NOT HOG the right lane at 60km/h on a 80km/h road!

then, to make matters worse, just when u think all that is left behind when u come home. HOME. a place supposely meant to be a place of solace. a SANCTUARY. And your own parents, instead of asking how you are, gives you grief instead. The moment u step into the apartment, questions come your way…suddenly u felt like u never left work.  IT actually feels like u just stepped in the office in the morning! Talk  abt deja vu!!

The above, if u looked at them individually, are small things. manageable. Itz when they all decide to gang up and overwhelm you that you feel totally helpless and out of control.

PLUS the other little things….insurance agents, traffic jams, overcrowded places, idiotic men who pee all over the floor, rude service staff, etc

Hope things change for the better soon. At least I haven’t reach the 80kg mark. or lost my job.

I still have a nice bed. Friends. and a little bit of health.

And I have God. He has promised that with God, ALL things are possible.

I just pray that I will not neglect Him. Coz I know He never neglects those who are called His children. We just have to remember to turn to Him always and accept His help.


Promotion! August 27, 2009

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I got promoted! from an executive to an executive!

Thatz rite, u read it correctly! no typo…

haha…A memo was send out and my new designation is…executive!

BUT I already exec leh…

haha…I was promoted to the next grade…lol

Thank God for this mini blessing…itsy bitsy bit more $$ (to pay for my new financial drain – BRACES!)

It’s been less than 2 years and I got a promotion, must say it’s truly God’s grace. Am glad to be appreciated and have your efforts recognised. =)

Mini updates: Have done 15km Passion run, KL Std Chart, AHM…next! Run Nus this sunday, Yellow Ribbon run the next, Swissotel Vertical Marathon, and of course, Stand Chart! =)

Will be going to Adelaide real soon and then BKK after. Then my Weight Management Fair this Oct. =P Hope I can manage!


Disgruntled…again August 5, 2009

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I had been warned before not to park at patient’s and visitors car park lots. And I agree that patients and visitors needs come first and staff should park further.

But what I don’t agree is the inflexibility of the adminstration. If you have circled once or twice and are still unable to find lots what can you do? Ok, perhaps there is an available lot at the third try (but far away from your meeting place) but guess what? You are running late by then and 20 other people are waiting for you!

And the worse thing was the meeting has to be conducted by you (even though you are doing this out as a favour for others!). Basically I am effing pissed that the adminstration does not allow flexiblility in exceptional cases?! So I got warned again.

To be continued…

UPDATE: I’m gonna just park illegally and put a sign to explain myself and then move my car later. Do my best within my means i guess! =)


Lessons from Work June 26, 2009

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I really enjoy the culture here in my workplace.

I get inspired and truly believe that the philosophy is good for me as a person for character development and my work here in the hospital.

One BIG philosophy is the Toyota Way.

Give you some examples…

The right process will produce the right results

  1. Build a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get quality right from the first
  2. Standardized tasks are the foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment
  3. Use visual control so no problems are hidden

Continuously solving root problems drives organizational learning

  1. Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation (Genchi Genbutsu, 現地現物);
  2. Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options (Nemawashi, 根回し); implement decisions rapidly;
  3. Become a learning organization through relentless reflection (Hansei, 反省) and continuous improvement (Kaizen, 改善).

Another Book Review May 6, 2009

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Book Review – abt making friends @work

  • Not following thru is sure way to lose
  • Try value adding to a friend’s life
  • Remember a person’s story
  • Share personal experiences to connect
  • Give without expectg smethg in return (abundance principle)
  • Remember da person’s name
    • *S-say 3 times
    • *A-ask
    • *V-visualize
    • *E-emphasize

Self Appraisal aka TPM April 16, 2009

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It’s many days late and I haf yet to start my self-appraisal (TPM)

It’s been one and a half years since my first day at AH, wow…so many things done and I can say “been there done that” to many things… involved in filming, PSS celebrations, Christmas celebrations, 2 D&Ds, supervising students, journal clubs, WOW meetings, SSS, intranet, 400+ talks, numerous supermarket tours, 101 kaizens, 101 courses later, now kena must evaluate myself…what I have done, what I din do, why I did well, why I din, what can I do to improve, etc

It’s 1am, and 2 weeks overdue…and I’m still at page one…zzz