I Eat, Therefore I Am

Food, food, glorious food! and Nutrition

Lessons Learnt June 5, 2008

Life is full of expectations and thus followed by disappointment (and sometimes with its evil twin, frustration)

Do not assume
Do not expect
Lest you get disappointed.

Wanted to blog more, had a lot on my mind just now on the way home.

Oh, NOW it comes back slowly…
ok, stress…a weird phenomenon, if I may call it. Amazing thing even. It cannot be classified as good nor bad. It does good as well as evil things. A little bit of stress helps one think better, do things faster and also pushes one limits.
However, too much and for too long, ahhhh, one’s performance goes the other way…u start getting tension headaches, dun think straight, undue anxiety, become more forgetful, cannot make decisions (which on normal circumstances u could), LOA, etc

I don’t mind challenges but not when it becomes too overwhelming. YES, i know there’s this thing call “Say NO!” but sometimes, it’s just especially hard to say no.

Sigh, books say that we have to say NO to say YES to things that really matter. MAYBE it’s Singapore. OR maybe it’s just me…


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