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Dunno wat to say December 27, 2010

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Just had a good weekend, christmas, and staycation despite some hiccups.

Back at home, today, workday but on leave. The feeling was supposed to be wonderful.

This same feeling, same as when i have my staycation. Serenity, tranquility, peace. And quietness.

No incessant reminders of work, of stress in general.

Today WAS supposed to be all that. no one’s supposed to be home. or if they were, this is supposed to be HOME. A place of refuge, a place for sanctuary. AWAY from stress, or the reminders of stress.

Why do parents or people in general like to irritate others with their incessant complaints and nagging. I am fine with CONSTRUCTIVE critism. but it’s another thing altogether when you do not trust someone. and expect the WORSE of every person.

Why can’t we be more tolerant and thoughtful for each other.that way, life will be much much MUCH better with all that lesser stress and duress.

I miss that feeling. I wish I was back…in Wanderlust…


Damn if I do, Damn if I don’ August 2, 2010

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I can’t believe that despite being a working adult, I thought I would and should be old enough to be able to decide how I want to live my life. It’s not as if I was a druggie or a alcoholic. So what’s wrong with me working late and staying out to chill? Firstly, it’s not as if I could chill at home. Believe you me, I wish I could. NOT with my parents. My sis can and will attest to that. How CAN one chill with all that nagging and constant talking. I am not saying that one shouldn’t communicate with your parents, I am saying that there is a time and place to do certain things. certainly not nag and start the incessant grumbling the MOMENT you step into the house. Could I at LEAST put down my bag, and wash up first? no???

When I make the effort to come home EARLY, I also get nagged. I come home later (to avoid the said nagging…), I OSO bloody KENA nagged. SO HOW??

My goodness…this is not the FIRST time I am whining abt this. I rather not have to whine in the first place. And dun go telling me “Why dun u tell your parents nicely blah blah yada yada”

I DID!!!

SIAN…as if work wasn’t bad enuff…and isn’t home supposed to be a SANCTUARY?? a REFUGE??? a place of REST?????!!!


Lessons LEarnt from the Life of Caleb June 1, 2010

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I recently concluded a bible study on the life of Caleb.

Not much is known of him, he’s certainly not as frequently mention unlike the likes of Moses or even Joshua.

He was a peer of Joshua’s, a minor character amongst men but definitely big with God.

Let me give a summary on our bible study on Caleb…

  • He had a godly perspective
  • He was unpopular with man
  • But he looked beyond the bad things to see the good things
  • Caleb had ‘God-view’ (faith) not ‘man-view’ (fear)
  • Caleb looked with eyes of faith (“God CAN…”)  not with eyes of fear (“I cannot, we cannot…”)
  • Fear looks at ourselves (we get overwhelmed)
  • Faith looks at God (we overcome fear instead)

The question is, are we victims or victors of our circumstances? Do we trust God more or ourselves? Let us be a Caleb and put all our trust on the almighty God!


iLuv iPhone? March 16, 2010

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Back in 2007, when iPhone wasn’t as widespread (u see iPhones everywhere! and yet most use it to play games??!!) like Ikea is in Singapore homes, it used to elicit cool remarks and wolf whistles like it was the coolest gadget on earth. But forward to 2010, it ain’t so bells and whistles no more. Here’s why…

  • No flash (both for camera and for web surfing)
  • Poor camera performance
  • Poor phone call quality
  • No multitasking
  • It’s thick
  • You can’t easily transfer data files, music, videos, any files like a plug n play hard disk (despite having 32Gb)
  • You cannot sync data over wifi or bluetooth (Palm was able to do that like wayyy back in 2005!)
  • The bluetooth function sucks (limited bluetooth)
  • no SDHC/microSDHC expansion slot to add to it
  • No second camera for video calling
  • iTunes tie: media content locked to specific computer, no simple drag & drop way to add files
  • Limited codec support excludes likes of Ogg Vorbis audio and – crucially – AVI video so lengthy format conversion required with third party software
  • Non-removeable battery so it can’t be swapped out on long journeys & requires expensive procedure to replace at an Apple store should it degrade outside the warranty

The only good thing I like about iPhone is the power of the apps…but by the virtue of being popular, there’s lots of support for the iPhone hence the numerous amount of apps available.

I’ve got an iPod Touch which is awesome except for the reasons stated above. It’s so so dumb having data files and a hard disk and not being able to use it!!

Given some time, i believe there will be more apps for the WebOS, Android, and the Blackberry to level the playing field.


Perhaps… March 4, 2010

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Granted I am a bit stressed at work due to backlogs and new & bigger mountains to climb at work…I still am not depressed (yet) and I think I am getting on top of things and finally can see some improvements. I now can see myself closing loops faster and find it more manageable (though not entirely near achieving near GTD).

But I still find myself more stressed and falling sick more often. Perhaps it could be the heat, perhaps it could be the flu bug. I am eating healthier than most people, exercising more than the average working adult. So what could be it?

I just came back from seeing the doc, the moment I stepped back in the house, my mum starts nagging (not the first time, and certainly not the second time…hence I say “nag”). I swear, perhaps I get more ‘rest’ at work than at home!


Low February 17, 2010

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Nobody likes to be told what to do, esp when you are told something that you wouldn’t expect for an adult to be chided about.

sigh…makes u feel so silly. Ashamed and pai-seh is the word. Esp when you know that you have that problem and you’ve been making efforts to improve and just when you thot you did, someone has to pour ‘cold water’ on ya.

such is life…


Year of Remakes February 7, 2010

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Woohoo!Cult films from my era are back! BIGGER and BETTER than before! I’m tokking abt remakes of old movies that used to be cool back in the days where I still wear shorts to school.

These films may not be huge names like Star Wars or Superman but they are cool then. Maybe some of you recognise these names…Tron, and Clash of the Titans.

Tron – The movie with special effects that feature super cool computer generated images in 1980s. That famous bike scene.

The old

And the 2010 update…

Clash of the Titans – a 1981 fantasy adventure film based on the myth of Perseus. It was released on June 12, 1981 and was a box office hit. (source: wikipedia)

The old

And the new…

Can’t wait!